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My Mum and Dad have bred Rough Collies all my life (Aspera). We have had a lot of success, with numerous best puppies, best of breeds res CCs and CCs. Whilst growing up, I went to many of the top kennels of the time as a kennel maid and learned many skills and tips on dog behaviour. I also helped out in a number of boarding kennels. When I left school in 1990, I went to Charney Kennels (now The Grooming Room in Oxford) to train as a professional groomer. I trained for 6 months, 6 days a week, and passed my written test gaining 100% and my practical diploma gaining A-.

In 2007,  I went to my first competition, Southeast Groomer, with Pippa Capes (Tibetan Terrier) where I won my class, and then Groomer of the Year where I also won my class with Petra, a Border Terrier. Also in 2007, I took my City & Guilds which I passed first time. I am  now starting my higher level diploma.

I have had a lot of success over the past year in grooming competitions, winning my way into the advanced grooming class and gaining 1st place with Hettie my Labradoodle at Groomer of the Year, and 2nd in Ireland with a Standard Poodle, and 2nd at Premier Groom also with a Standard Poodle. Many thanks to Sue Robinson and Su Eld Weaver for trusting me with your dogs. Also, Aspera gained the CREATIVE GROOMER OF THE YEAR 2011! I am always striving to improve my grooming skills and have been training with some of the top groomers in the country; Jitka Krizova, Alison Rogers, and Su Eld Weaver.


I came on board 15 years ago. Jo and I were married a few years prior, and I have always had a passion for animals, so it seemed the ideal opportunity to join the business as we started to get busier and clients requested more services from us. We attended courses to learn how to microchip animals and learn more about animal behaviour. I pride myself on the services we provide and the quality of our service.

Sian (our daughter)

Sian starting grooming in August 2010 at the tender age of 7 years. She competed at Young Kennel Club 2010 in September, where she won her class with our Lhasa Apso, Ethel, and came 3rd overall.

Sian then competed at Crufts, where she again won her class and gained the Up and Coming title! Sian has competed at Crufts for the last 2 years, winning her group class and gaining runner-up Groomer of the Year both times! 

Sian has competed at many grooming competitions over the past year and helped Aspera gain the Creative Groomer of the Year title! Sian has also trained this year with some of the top groomers in the country, including Jitka Krizova, Alison Rogers, and Su Eld Weaver.

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